Core Team

Prakash Sopan Ingale

–Chief Executive Officer

Prakash Ingale has been in the field of Intellectual Property Rights be it Trade Marks, Copyrights and Patents protection for the last twenty years for a variety of products including Home Appliances, Movies, Software and other miscellaneous products. His engineering background, logical thinking, vast experience and a composed mind help the team in providing necessary guidance in every aspect of their day-to-day work. His hand-on approach ensures that he is present during each ANTI-PIRACY OPERATION conducted by the Police on the complaints of his expert team.

Yogesh Jagdale

Yogesh Jagdale too like his senior Prakash Ingale has been working in the field of IP Protection for variety of products for almost fifteen years. He along with Prakash Ingale forms has formed a lethal combination which has destroyed the backbone of many businesses involved in piracy resulting in unprecedented sales revenues for the clients. His law background, hard working nature and enthusiasm provide the team the necessary impetus to scale greater heights.

Rraj Singh

Rraj Singh started working in the field of Software Piracy Prevention many years ago and conducted various anti-piracy operations across India. His sharp mind, logical thought process and an ability to understand and grasp quickly helped him expand his domain from Copyrights Protection for software to Trade Marks & Patents Violation and Infringements for many products across the spectrum. His hard-working nature, go-getter attitude and great human interaction skills provides the team the necessary force to set and achieve higher goals.